About Us

The Original What’s On My Roof was founded in 2011 by Scott Struzinski, a roofer with 30 years of experience, and is now run by Scott and his partner Sam Bradford.

The Original What’s On My Roof? uses a safe, environmentally friendly, highly effective process to remove stains resulting from the growth of algae, moss, and lichen from multiple roof and home surfaces.

What’s On My Roof? is a great company for solving all your roofing needs. We have an antique house with wood shingles that was growing bad stuff that was going to ruin the shingles. What’s On My Roof, for a very reasonable price, came and sprayed my roof to kill the growing stuff and it quickly died, leaving a spotless roof. One year later it even looks better!
Wendy Ifkovic

The treatment we use to clean roofs and other home surfaces was chosen because of its simplicity and gentleness.

I learned in the army that it’s always best to keep it simple,” says co-owner Scott Struzinski.

“Roof cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive – We’re proving it!”

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