Who We Are

Scott Struzinski

“Mr. Roof,” aka Scott Struzinski, has handled our roofing for 30 years and we have no plans to ever go anywhere else. His remarkable integrity, dependability and highest standards of workmanship are unrivaled! If he speaks it, it’s the truth!
Bill Adinolfi, Lakeview Building & Remodeling
Guilford, CT

With 30 years of experience in the roofing business, Scott Struzinski has earned an excellent reputation as well as the respect of his customers and fellow contractors. In 1986, Scott started a traditional roofing business, installing roofs on new construction, replacing existing roofs and performing roof repairs.

A few years ago, one of his customers asked, “Hey Scott, what’s on my roof?” Scott didn’t know, but he decided to find out. After doing some research, Scott discovered a safe, effective, and affordable way to remove both lichen and algae from roofs. The first time he used his new system he wasn’t even sure it was going to work, but it did. Driving by a roof he had treated a year before, “I could not believe my eyes at the result of the system I used,” Scott says.

That was 750 jobs ago.

Sam Bradford

Scott Struzinski and his team are nothing short of excellent. They are the ONLY roofing installer I will use and the ONLY one we will recommend.
Matthew N. Reale, M N Reale Construction
Branford, CT

Sam Bradford is a Connecticut native with extensive experience in business, management, and community service. He has served as a business manager for Triple Springs Water in Meriden, a real estate consultant for Property Politics in Essex, and a finance and administration manager for Standard Electric in Meriden. He was also the president of Connecticut Electrical Equipment Co. from 1997-2005.

Sam dedicates much of his time to giving back to the local community. Through Kuhn Employment Opportunities, he helped prepare people with disabilities for the workplace, and has served as president of both the Rotary Club of Meriden and the Boys & Girls Club of Meriden.

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