Additional Services

What’s On My Roof? offers a variety of additional services that complement our roof installation and roof treatment services. You can mix and match these services, choosing any or all as your needs require.

Masonry Water Sealing

Oftentimes as your chimney ages, it becomes very porous and in certain conditions will allow water to enter your home disguised as a roofing or flashing leak. We have the knowledge to handle this repair.

Gutter Installation & Cleaning

Gutter/leaf guard installation is one of our specialties. We install copper half-round or aluminum “K” style. Call us to discuss leaf guard options.

Are your gutters clogged with leaves? We offer gutter cleaning to improve your home’s efficiency and curbside appeal. Skip the difficult, dangerous work on a ladder, and let the What’s On My Roof? experts take care of your gutters this year.

Skylight Installation & Repair

Have you dreamed of adding skylights to increase the natural light in your home? We offer skylight installation and work with you to identify and install the right skylights for your home.
If you have skylights that are leaking or have other problems, we also offer skylight repair services. We put our experience to work for you.

Cedar Roofing Maintenance

If you currently have a cedar roof on your home, it is especially important to keep your roof free from algae, moss, and lichen. In doing so, you will prolong the life of your very expensive cedar roof by many years. The idea of a cedar roof is to allow the shingles to absorb water and dry rapidly. Allowing the shingles to be covered in moss does not allow them to dry quickly and will promote rot. We know what to do!

Give Us a Call

Please give us a call if you are interested in any of our services or have any questions. We are happy to provide you with an estimate for any of these services, either on their own or in conjunction with any roofing work.