What’s On My Roof Ranks #1 Registering CertainTeed Warranty Jobs

Well, we did it!

We are very proud to announce that What’s On My Roof? registered more CertainTeed SureStart PLUS™ warranty jobs in Connecticut for 2020 than any other contractor! That’s right. We’re Number One! We out-performed every other roofing contractor in Connecticut, and did it despite all the craziness caused by COVID-19. Tight and right, that’s how we do things. And our goal is to do it again in 2021.

As a Select ShingleMaster™, CertainTeed recognizes What’s On My Roof? as one of its top-notch professional roofers. Beyond that, our Roof Warranty Gold status further distinguishes us as one of the best in the business! We take great pride in all of our hard work and are fortunate to have a great crew of craftsmen working to make your home look its absolute best. The What’s On My Roof? Team gets things done right the first time. There is no group we’d rather be working with.

Day in and day out, everyone at What’s On My Roof? endeavors to exceed expectations.